The A-Z of British Serial Killers

My new release takes a look at 26 depraved minds

It is a common belief that crime is on the increase in modern society. It is not; on a measurable scale, it is falling. This development of twenty-four-hour news, though, means it is in our homes more than ever. 

I am fascinated by serial killers. Not in the write them letters and ask them to marry me way, but in their psychology. What makes a murderer, murder and what makes serial killers keep murdering?

There could be as many as 4000 unidentified serial killers in the US alone as of 2019 — Author and former police detective Michael Arntfield.

The A-Z of UK serial killers started as a strange thought. There couldn't be as many twenty-six serial killers on this small island of the United Kingdom. There were considerably more. Killers I didn't get to talk about, murders such as the Worlds End Killings. When I started to research these killers, it became clear that there was a killer for every letter of the alphabet. So if you are obsessed with true crime, then sit back and let's take a walk through the alphabet and meet twenty-six of the most depraved minds, from Victorian times to the present day. 

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