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The A-Z of British Serial Killers

These last couple of weeks, I have been working hard on two aspects of my crime writing. My first is to revamp my Patreon membership and offer even more to my subscribers.

As promised, the other big development, or should I say reveal, is for my new crime book, which is released next week.


A serial killer is defined as someone who has killed more than three people over some time. Serial Killers are sadistic and controlling in nature. However, they rarely kill for profit. Instead, they are motivated by psychological needs.  

The A-Z of UK serial killers is a walk through some of the most depraved minds in the United Kingdom.  For each letter of the alphabet, there is a serial killer. Some readers may have heard off, some not. 

So if you are obsessed with true crime, then sit back and let's take a walk through the alphabet and meet twenty-six of the most vicious killers, from Victorian times to the present day. 

Help Wanted

I am looking for volunteers to help launch the book if you would be interested. I will provide you with a FREE download of the book; in return, I ask for a review and a social media share. If you are interested, then please reply to this email.

Crime For You

This fortnight I have concentrated on the writing prompts for Medium, putting my own unique true crime spin on most.

The Double Facebook Murder Which was a Result of a Deadly Catfish.

Jenelle Potter was in her thirties. Due to a combination of medical conditions and strict parents, she was isolated from her peers. Moving to a new town did not make this easier, especially in Mountain City, Tennesse. Jenelle would openly state that she felt isolated as she was not born in the town.

Rather than socialise in person, Jenelle carved out a little place of her own in cyberspace. Through Facebook, she gained friends and interacted with people. So it is fair to say Jenelle spent a large amount of her time on the internet. That was until she met Tracy Greenwell.

Read the rest of my entry for Space

The Horrific House Dispute that Ultimately Ended in Tragedy

Ann Hoover was a piano teacher and a respected member of her tiny community in Pittsburgh. She had spent time over the years, slowly doing her little house up to exactly how she wanted it. The only thing that ruined her sanctuary was the run-down house next door. The roof was missing tiles, and the windows were boarded up. Ann prayed that someone would buy the house and renovate it. That dream came true when Roy Kirk bought the house.

But the neighbours met with tragedy.

Death Actually Visited me Eight Days After my Wonderful Wedding.

My name is Cory Johnson. I have always loved Glacier National Park, yes I have a fear of heights, but it doesn’t stop me from loving the park with its rivers, cliffs and wildlife. I haven’t always lived close; I moved here when I was young with my mum. Just the two of us and the peaceful life. Not that I didn’t have friends, I had a vast circle of friends. A good life, all I needed was a wife to complete me. Eight days ago, I married my soul mate, and now I am at the bottom of this ravine, sitting on a rock looking at my body, lifelessly floating in the waterfall.

This is my entry for the death prompt

Cory's story.

The Man who Killed Hundreds of People and was Never Charged

Many of us have jobs we don’t always like. We work to survive, with no love for our job. This was not the same for Albert Pierrepoint. He saw his job as his true calling. The pay was insufficient for the work, but that did not deter Pierrepoint; he took a second job to continue his side hustle financially. He had killed between 435 and 600 people during his twenty-five years. 

This is my entry for work.

How did he do it?

Thank you to everyone that supports me and reads my work. If you are interested in reading the article I wrote for the re-entry prompt, you can find it below. This is a story about my daughter and how I lost her for a year only to have her re-enter my life.

My Daughter's Story

Take care all

Sam H Arnold