Crime and a Cuppa

A History of Killers

This fortnight I seem to have concentrated on cases in history. It is funny how sometimes our writing takes a direction that we don’t realise.

The Strange Disappearance of Amazing Crime Writer Agatha Christie

On the 3rd December 1926, Agatha Christie argued with her husband, Archibald. She had just discovered he was having an affair. Added to this, he was planning to spend the weekend with friends and his mistress. Once he had left, she went upstairs and kissed her daughter Rosalind (7) goodnight. Getting into her Morris Cowley, she left the house. What ensued was one of the biggest manhunts in history. In a mystery more connected to her books, Christie was not found again until eleven days later.

Where did she go?

The Interesting Case of Dr Sam Sheppard that Sparked an Award-Winning Movie

Many people remember the line from the 1993 film The Fugitive, Our fugitive’s name is Dr Richard Kimble. Go get him. Very few people may realise that the story bears a remarkable resemblance to Dr Sam Sheppard’s real case.

In the film, Harrison Ford’s character is wrongly accused of killing his wife. The killer is a one-armed man, an outstanding feature. In the case of Sheppard, the man was bushy-haired, another distinguishing feature.

Was he guilty?

The Mad Axeman and The Kray Twins

Frank Samuel Mitchell, otherwise known as the Mad Axeman, was a British criminal and gangster. He was a close associate of the Kray Twins, who were infamous in 60s London. Mitchell was six feet tall, weighed thirteen stone, and was said to contain unnatural strength.

To demonstrate this, he would lift a grand piano off the floor or two fully grown men, one in each hand. He was also said to have a quick, explosive temper. Although a full-grown man, he had the behaviour and intellect of a thirteen-year-old.

The Kray Connection

The Horrific Serial Killer Who can’t be Found

Unicef believes that 100 million street children are living outdoors and unprotected in the world. Many of these children never meet adulthood. Few people care about them, and few even see them on their streets. It is no wonder that a killer would choose these as his victims. It is also no coincidence that this environment would breed a serial killer. That is precisely what happened to killer Pedro Alonzo Lopez.

Nicknamed the Monster of the Andes, he preyed on young children in the towns of Ecuador and Colombia. In the space of a decade, he became one of the most prolific serial killers in history. Even more frightening is that the authorities cannot locate him, and he continues to evade capture.

Where is he?

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