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I have been busy promoting my new book - The A-Z of British Serial Killers and getting some good feedback. Writing never stops though for me, so here are the posts that I have published in the last couple of weeks.

The Tragic Story of the First Female Serial Killer

Aileen Wuornos was the first female serial killer convicted of six murders in the first degree and sentenced to the death penalty in 2002.

Twelve days before Christmas in 1989, a body was found outside Ormond Beach, Florida. The victim was wrapped in an old carpet and identified as Richard Mallory, a fifty-one-year-old electrician. Further investigation by the police found that he had been convicted of rape. The autopsy revealed that he had been shot a total of twenty-four times with a 22 calibre handgun.

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The First American Woman to Face the Death Penalty in the UK was Actually Innocent

Florence Chandler was just seventeen when she sailed aboard the Baltic liner from American to Liverpool, England. Onboard was 41-year-old James Maybrick, a cotton trader. During the voyage, the couple became close and spent much time together alone, which was not common in 1880.

By the time the couple disembarked in Liverpool, they were engaged to be married. The wedding would take place in London a short time later.
The couple then went back to America, where they had two children. Having become a family, they decided they should return to Liverpool.

However, it was not her youthful good looks or his business prowess that made them famous; it was the murders associated with them. The Maybricks were a family plagued with accusations of murder.

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How I Survived My Own Murder

The morning the police burst into my house and told me someone was trying to kill me, started like every other. The first thing that sprung to mind when I heard someone had hired a hitman to murder me, was my past had finally caught up with me. The probation I received for being involved in drugs and organised crime was not enough punishment for some. That was when they told me it was my wife who wanted me dead. My loving Dalia.

It had been a strange month already; police had pulled me over several times for random searches. Police had even come to my door on an anonymous tip. Yet, I never considered that the wife that comforted me after these visits was responsible.

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Strange and Bizarre Missing Person Cases that have Made the Victims Infamous

Someone is reported missing every 90 seconds in the United Kingdom. Many leave of their own accord; some suggest circumstances of murder. For the family of the missing, the constant feeling of not having closure and all the questions can affect them for many generations. In many ways, a missing person in the family can have more prolonged effects than having a family member murdered.

Some missing person cases can remain unsolved for eternity, and the questions will always remain. Some, like the case of missing toddler Ben Needham, are solved many years later. A builder on his death bed confessed to accidentally killing Needham, giving the family closure after twenty-five years.

These three cases are some of the more controversial.

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